How To Spin An Article

This post would not be complete without a brief step-by-step guide of how to spin an article. I use a free online article spinner called JetSpinner. It has a very user-friendly interface and has video tutorials that, if needed, will help lead you through the process of spinning your content. I find it is much easier to have a pre-made article completed and to simply copy & paste it into the body of the document. However, there is nothing stopping you from starting from scratch.

First, let’s go over THE BASICS:
1. Always start and end a word, sentence or paragraph that you want to be randomized with a bracket { }. (There will be a lot of brackets)
2. Placing a bar ( | ) between words, sentences or paragraphs acts as a separator that tells the program to randomly pick one of the options in between the brackets. Ex. {happy|glad} or {How are you doing?|What have you been up to lately?}
3. Do not just throw in a synonym as it suits you. Be sure it makes sense in the overall sentence structure.
4. Use many word variations within each sentence and try to use three or more variations of each sentence.
5. Where possible, randomize the paragraphs.
6. JetSpinner has its own AJAX Thesaurus built in to help you through the spinning process